Yes, I admire your persistent efforts in “Getting the Word Out “. You’re writing another book?  Sure, it will (hopefully) have an impact.


I have to ask if the financial collapse – meltdown in value of the debt-based paper currencies will precede our ongoing written and spoken words… leaving most people everywhere trapped in a boxed-in mindset, supposing all will be well when somebody somewhere fixes whatever it is that needs fixing.

Here’s why:

JP Morgan Chase (Rockefellers’ bank) has notified business account holders that as of  November 17th, 2013 they cannot send international wire transfers. They may receive them but are restricted to “cash activity” of $50,000 per statement cycle. (That’s “all branches, night drops, ATMs, cash withdrawals, money orders”)        Business savings account holders will be unable to send either domestic or international transfers.

This means:

The INSIDERS have notice – to get their deposits out of the way of the Lockdown and Confiscation (such as happened in Cyprus earlier this year when the bank’s derivative bets go sour and the counter-party to the bet takes control of that bank’s assets (including the customer deposits)

Note that JPM has roughly a Trillion $ deposits (state agencies, municipalities, as well as those of businesses and consumers)

They have $75 Trillion of derivative bets (some 10 % of estimated global total)

The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) has about $25 Billion to use to rescue the insured depositors of ALL failing banks.

Bank of America is in the nearly identical situation, having just merged their retail banking with their investment banking. Their ‘numbers’ are similar.

Canadian Banks?  Numbers not made public in the “self-regulated” system.  But they are called systemically important, too big to fail.  So, “bail-in” provisions are on page 145  of the Economic Action Plan in the June budget.

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