Bank On Canada Rally Video

Here is a video of the Bank on Canada Rally  from

From Austerity to Prosperity Through Proper Use of Our Publicly Owned Bank of Canada

Passionate speakers and energetic youth were a strong presence on the steps at Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Saturday, June 1 2013. At stake is our financial future as a sovereign country and we are urged to take action now.Hugh Jenney came to speak to the issue of cuts to community hospitals and to say that public non-profit hospitals in Ontario are what we need – not privatized P3 hospitals. Jerry Ackerman presented an open letter to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty reminding everyone of the benefits of using our own Bank of Canada. Anne Emmett,representing us in a law suit against the Canadian Government for not using the Bank of Canada, said we had a stark choice to make as we move into the future. Finally The Right Honourable Paul Hellyer rose to speak. After we marched to The Bank of Canada and gathered on the front steps, he read out his Manifesto for a New Social Contract Between the Government and People of Canada.

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