Let’s gather on Parliament Hill June 1st


Noon Saturday June 1 on Parliament Hill 

From Austerity to Prosperity

Through Proper Use of our Publicly Owned



Hey all you Occupiers, Gardeners, Economic Reformers, Rebel Rousers, and Intellectuals,

The Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform invites you to join us in the Bank of Canada Rally for Monetary Reform and Economic Justice Now!

Join us around Noon Saturday June 1 for a Rally on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, followed by a 2pm March to the Bank of Canada.

We will start the on the Steps of Parliament around 12:15 with speakers including The Right Honourable Paul Hellyer, Canada’s longest serving parliamentarian and past Deputy Prime Minister, Ann Emmett, and others. We will then proceed to march on to The Bank of Canada Office for 2 pm with Paul’s Manifesto in Hand.



More information and travel arrangements from Toronto to Ottawa are available (COMER Facebook site:https://www.facebook.com/events/644619758896752/)

Latest Report from COMER journal http://www.comer.org/

(Paul Hellyer’s Manifesto) http://victoryfortheworld.net/canada_action.html


IT’S TIME TO ACT and TAKE BACK CONTROL OF OUR LIVES…….This is what most thinking Canadians want to do …….

Take Back control of our lives. We search for ways to rescue ourselves from political forces that serve only the interests of the banks and corporate businesses.

The older of us with good memories recall the 1940s , 1950s ,1960s as the time when a jobless economy was followed by full employment, followed by benefits for returning veterans, universal health care, family allowances and major public works (a seaway and the Trans-Canada hwy). Inflation was of little concern, and the nation’s debts were easily managed.

Those of us who have studied the reasons for the prosperity during those thirty years understand the wisdom of borrowing from our own bank –the Bank of Canada–so that the money created gets spent into the economy and any interest charged is returned to the federal treasury. Otherwise, the government runs deficits, borrows from the chartered banks and pays the going rate of interest. Each year’s deficit gets added to the nation’s debt and the compound interest becomes an ever larger portion of the annual budget.

Since the mid 1970s, our federal governments have failed to operate in our interest. They have allowed banks to de-regulate — removing most restrictions on required reserves, interest charges and term limits. Joining the G7 included abiding by the stricture of the Bank for International Settlements forbidding the borrowing from our own central bank. The consequences? Runaway inflation in the late ” 70s, interest @20 %, globalizing our economy and handing over control of our nation’s resources and businesses to global powerhouses that corrupt national governments and ensure that only THEIR interests are served. Canada’s debt stands now at nearly $600 Billion. We pay $160 Million every day in unnecessary interest. (since 1974 –ONE $Trillion!)
So, what’s to be done? Who-How-Where and When can we force the changes that will benefit every Canadian? Please don’t suggest that we work to change this political party two years hence. Before then, omnibus legislation will have destroyed opportunities for real change. Disastrous unfair global trade agreements will remove any recourse. Our environment will be sacrificed and dissent will be further criminalized. The captive media will offer “Orwellian” propaganda.

Instead, let’s ACT.
Let’s gather on Parliament Hill June 1st with our posters, placards and pitchforks. That’s the first day for the new governor of the Bank of Canada. We can tell him what we expect of him. Paul Hellyer has notified our Minister of Finance of our demands. Ann Emmett –representing us all in the lawsuit against the government for not using our bank will be there.

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