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Op-ed Submission

Questions about Canada’s financial future: Are we dreaming of sovereignty? Or just dreaming?

Some Canadians have very strong feelings about our sovereign right –

–the right to make our own decisions in our own interest. The elderly gentleman sitting in the gallery of the federal courtroom in Toronto December 10th certainly does.

Bill Krehm and the monetary reform organization he helped form five decades ago (COMER) are suing the government for not borrowing from our publicly-owned bank –the Bank of Canada.

Every Minister of Finance since 1974 has avoided doing what their predecessors did so well. From 1940 to 1970 we could expect our finance minister to instruct the Bank of Canada governor to create the necessary money to end the 1930′s decade of hopeless unemployment. The money created was spent into the economy — it funded the war, then provided educational and business benefits for returning veterans, allowances for children, pensions for elders, ensured healthcare for everyone. Transportation infrastructure pulled the country together by building the Great Lakes seaway and a highway across Canada.

The result?

A productive, healthy, prosperous nation without serious inflation, with an easily managed debt load.

What went wrong?

(a) Canada’s chartered banks were released from the lending restrictions that prevailed through the 1960′s: maxima 4 year terms, 6 % interest.

Reserve requirements were later removed as well.

(b) By adding a section (s18-m) to the Bank of Canada Act

operational control of our central bank was turned over to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), a private central bank owned by the private banks of Europe and Great Britain.

Deposits from those banks, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank would bear interest, and the reserve requirements of the BIS were to be respected without fail.

(c) Only a tiny fraction of Canada’s money supply would be created by our central bank. Almost all new money was via borrowing from the private banking system, domestic and foreign -at interest.

The resulting annual deficit has meant an increase in the national debt that was charged the going rate of interest and compounded year after year, often at double digit rates. Thus, Canada’s debt of about $20 Billion in 1974 became $600 Billion, while the unnecessary interest paid exceeded a Trillion dollars.

Are Bill Krehm and his associates just dreaming when they talk about the country taking back control of our monetary system? Perhaps. The government’s response to the lawsuit is both standard and predictable: Delay, deny, argue status, argue jurisdiction. Bill was 100 years old in November so he won’t live to see success for his five decades of valiant effort, even if this judge’s decision is favourable.

Or perhaps his associates’ dream will become reality. Maybe the youngest activist in the crowded courtroom (Patrick, aged 19) will rally his generation to stop the takeover and takeaway of our country. Patrick is aware of the websites and, More sites appear monthly.

Social media will assist communication. Over 3 million You-Tube readers listened to Victoria Grant’s diagnosis and prescription 20 months ago (she was 12 then). At the Public Banking Conference in Philadelphia her 6 minute speech simply said: “If our government needs to borrow money, they should borrow interest-free from our own bank.”

Quoting Canada’s 10th prime minister in 1938 will help as well:

“Once a nation parts with control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes that nation’s laws.

Usury, once in control, will wreck any nation. Until the control of currency and credit is restored to government

and recognized as its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility, all talk of the sovereignty of Parliament and democracy is idle and futile.”

My own dreams of sovereignty for Canada? Recurring nightmares!

When I recall how important it was in the 1950′s that my aging parents had a pension to replace their steady struggle of 30 years of subsistence farming, how family allowances helped my young family, and how medical

costs were always affordable, I accuse the subsequent governments of betrayal of the public interest — at every turn.

Policies and practices established and maintained for the last 3 decades have destroyed the future I want my offspring to share with their fellow Canadians. Public goods and services have been underfunded or privatized. Our work force has been undermined by unfair trade agreements. Globalization has meant ‘gobble-my-nation’.

Bailing out banks has meant robbing the taxpayers. Bail-ins (as in the June budget and the CETA and TPP agreements) will mean robbing the depositors. (Our Finance Minister doesn’t recognize them as taxpayers.)

No recourse will be possible from either the judiciary or legislature.

I fear for Canada’s financial future.

Dr. Gerald Ackerman, Financial analyst, professor, author, business and investor consultant (

Manifesto and a Social Contract Between the Government and People of Canada


We, the undersigned, firmly believe that 2015 is far too late to balance the federal budget. Powerful stimulus is essential now, to revive the economy and get it running on all cylinders. All that is necessary is to use the power given to you by the Canadian Constitution. There is a precedent.

From 1939 to 1974 the Bank of Canada provided the Canadian government with large sums of money at near zero cost. This got us out of the Great Depression, helped finance World War II, and many great post-war projects like the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Trans-Canada highway, as well as contributing to the establishment of our Medicare and social security systems which were the envy of the world.


Please continue reading at Manifesto and a Social Contract Between the Government and People of Canada

Your Money “in-the-bank” is AT–RISK!

A talk – discussion with Dr. Jerry Ackerman financial analyst, independent investor adviser since 1965!

I want you to understand why COMER  (Committee On Monetary & Economic Reform) is suing the government for failing to use our  Bank of Canada and costing every Canadian $5 a day in unnecessary interest.

I’ll explain the “bail-in” provisions being designed to steal deposits. And, I’ll warn you about the impending Global money meltdown.                    

When: Wednesday, October 30th, 2013 6:30 – 9:00 pm


130 Johnson St, Kingston Ontario “Wilson Room”–2nd floor

Free admission (donations welcome)



Yes, I admire your persistent efforts in “Getting the Word Out “. You’re writing another book?  Sure, it will (hopefully) have an impact.


I have to ask if the financial collapse – meltdown in value of the debt-based paper currencies will precede our ongoing written and spoken words… leaving most people everywhere trapped in a boxed-in mindset, supposing all will be well when somebody somewhere fixes whatever it is that needs fixing.

Here’s why:

JP Morgan Chase (Rockefellers’ bank) has notified business account holders that as of  November 17th, 2013 they cannot send international wire transfers. They may receive them but are restricted to “cash activity” of $50,000 per statement cycle. (That’s “all branches, night drops, ATMs, cash withdrawals, money orders”)        Business savings account holders will be unable to send either domestic or international transfers.

This means:

The INSIDERS have notice – to get their deposits out of the way of the Lockdown and Confiscation (such as happened in Cyprus earlier this year when the bank’s derivative bets go sour and the counter-party to the bet takes control of that bank’s assets (including the customer deposits)

Note that JPM has roughly a Trillion $ deposits (state agencies, municipalities, as well as those of businesses and consumers)

They have $75 Trillion of derivative bets (some 10 % of estimated global total)

The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) has about $25 Billion to use to rescue the insured depositors of ALL failing banks.

Bank of America is in the nearly identical situation, having just merged their retail banking with their investment banking. Their ‘numbers’ are similar.

Canadian Banks?  Numbers not made public in the “self-regulated” system.  But they are called systemically important, too big to fail.  So, “bail-in” provisions are on page 145  of the Economic Action Plan in the June budget.

Imagining and IMAGING! A Global MONEY MELTDOWN

Imagining and IMAGING!


Dr. Jerry Ackerman October, 2013

Of   course, no one wants to. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t poised to happen.

Aren’t the “dots” everywhere evident?

*                           *                                *

Don’t we notice huge unemployment, creeping inflation, un-repayable debts at every level of society?

Having robbed taxpayers with “bail-outs” —as in UK, EU, North America, the banksters are relying on purchased parliaments, loony legislators, and corporate media to arrange budgets with “bail-ins” and trade agreements that will facilitate the strangling and destruction of publicly-owned banks everywhere they exist—as with CETA, TPP, EU-US.

The US-led MILITARY-TERRORIST forces ensure success —as in Iraq, Libya, Syria,

Lebanon, Iran, North Korea.

At every meeting of the G20 finance ministers, Billions more SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) are authorized — to extend and compound the impossible-to-repay national obligations.

Capturing as collateral for the debt –the country’s gold, natural resources and publicly-owned energy and infrastructure. These “structural adjustments” are essential aspects of the theft.


Comes the inevitable collapse in value of each nation’s currency, the “ultimate solution”

is intended to be the replacement of  ALL debt-based currencies with a brand new global

reserve currency, over which NO judicial or legislative control is possible.


My Question: “Can the intentions of these forces striving to control the lives of everyone everywhere, be thwarted? “

What’s YOUR Answer?

(YES) Then, explain to me how that is to happen.

(NO)    Let’s focus on how to prepare to survive and sustain the well-being of the planet  and its inhabitants.

Please leave comments in this for everyone to see. If you have comments you would like to discuss privately: Snail-mail: Box 457, Annapolis Royal NS B0S 1A0


It’s been FIVE years since I started to take such concerns public. (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I called the banksters then “financial criminals”– always acting AGAINST the interests of the public at large, conniving with their global colleagues and the political persons they had supported into office — to ensure no meaningful restrictions or obstacles to what they intended to have happen.

I helped the audience to identify some of the villains and some of the trustworthy “heroes”.

My suggested preparation for individuals:

STOP > borrowing

STOP > spending

STOP > trusting someone else with your money and

START > building community and growing food

The next year I staged MONEY talks and discussions at local libraries. A friend videotaped enough to create an hour DVD that we called “Hope is NOT a strategy “.

That same year I responded to a request to help brainstorm a plan to devise a money system fully separate from the existing system – a sovereign currency under the control of indigenous communities.

The enclosed ounce of pure silver  is  an example of  a TRUSTED money that could facilitate  community trade and commerce.

This would be in full contrast to a debt-based paper currency manipulated in value  by the

private  financial institutions and their captive central banks.


NOTE:  Further brainstorming is most welcome, in particular from  First Nations persons across North America (Turtle Island)

Here are some challenges to be overcome:

Sovereignty…The absolute and independent authority supremacy of power to control the creation, introduction and management of a money system free of private banking intrusion or involvement.

Source of Silver…From the MOTHER, of course.

Mines in the Americas have provided enough for its many uses –a perfect conductor in electronics, beautiful jewelry and coinage, a biocide against bacteria, viruses.

However, all silver mined in the last two decades has been used, and can’t be readily retrieved.

Q. Could tribal funds be found and directed to mine development, ensuring an ongoing supply?

With the banksters manipulating gold and silver prices, mine developers are having difficulty raising funding. And concerns about environmental damage are genuine, as in Chile, where the largest gold miner (Barrick) has poisoned the downstream drinking water with their toxic processing chemicals. Mine developers that share these concerns and agree to share the outcome deserve the support of every 1st Nation tribe on Turtle Island whether or not it is possible for them to provide funding. Although the new pope has been asked, I doubt that the Roman church is about to rescind the papal bulls of the 15th century directing Portugal and Spain in their conquest of the Americas, and insist that the Vatican Bank return the gold and silver. I do know that the Supreme Court levied a “fine” for the deliberate breach of the 1876 Treaty by the US government, and that the money was refused by the Sioux Nations (“we want our land”). Possibly that money can be accessed, along with a portion of the funds resulting from the settlement of the Corbell litigation over the BIA century –long swindles.


(Of course I don’t know. I’m just asking.)

Vault Location: A secure, somewhat central storage place and space somewhere on “the island”. (I do have a suggestion, but I’ll withhold it until I hear from others.)

For my overall suggestion: I quote from an Algonquin chief:
“over the last 200 years of oppression, we have learned to not ask the oppressor for permission“.
I do want to learn from whoever wishes to add to my understanding. If you are concerned about internet interception by police state spies
Send your thoughts to Box 457, Annapolis Royal, NS B0S 1A0

Some very important things have happened in the last two years :

  1. A public banking institute has been formed by Ellen Brown and two conferences held.
    1. At the first conference, a young lady from Western Ontario shared the stage. Victoria Grant’s 6- minute speech on what’s wrong with Canadian banking and what to do went “viral” on YouTube, reaching over 3 million listeners.
  2. A website whose mission is to educate Canadians re their publicly- owned central bank –the Bank of Canada – was established. That bank (ours) was well-used –to bring the country out of the Depression, fully employ all, fund  a war, build a seaway and a highway across Canada, help veterans, young families and old folks, with universal healthcare for everyone. Since 1974, the banksters have taken control and put us all into debt. Every day, every Canadian is paying $5 of unnecessary interest… to the banksters!
  3. A publicly-spirited think tank Committee On Monetary and Economic Reform has undertaken to force the government to act in the interest of every Canadian instead of  acting for the banksters. The initial lawsuit’s adverse decision is under appeal. A request for an injunction to prevent the signing of the trade agreement with Europe (CETA) has been filed.
  4. Student protests in Montreal evolved into “pots & pans” neighborhood protests that brought down the government of Quebec. A lady chief from a Northern reserve staged a hunger trike within sight of the Parliament buildings — insisting on the enforcement of 1st Nation treaties.
  5. Four women in Saskatchewan  started a protest movement  “IDLE – NO – MORE that resonated  nationally  and  globally.
  6. A hereditary chief  Umeek (of the Nuu-chah-nulth tribe) is sharing the wisdom of previous centuries by writing  3 books  about TSAWALK (the concept that all is one, that everything created is connected, that we must recognize this, respect it, and connect with it —in order to sustain the well-being of everything on the planet.) We shared a public talk in Winnipeg in January.
  7. Paul Hellyer –long term parliamentarian, organizer of the Canadian Action Party, and author of several finance books –led a group of young protestors to “storm” Parliament Hill , proposing an action to restore the use of our Bank of Canada. He has been twice interviewed by Hugh Reilly.

What are YOU planning to do?


How soon?

What help will you need?

When   He (Jerry Ackerman)  shouts  “CRISIS !  A FINANCIAL CRISISdeliberate, imminent, and universal “, I (Don Keyman , here)  laugh a little , remember that he’s been shouting the same ‘sky-falling’ message for at least 5 years. I laugh more at his name-calling. He says Canadians are ‘Cannuckleheads, de-caffeinated, warmed-over Americans, that try to cross the street to just get to the middle, that apologize for having to apologize.

He even insults those aware of high unemployment numbers, big debts and rising prices for essential items, saying that they aren’t able to fix the situation unless they think “outside the box”.

What “box “?   The mind-set that was brought across the Atlantic  a long time ago; that keeps accepting comfortable, reassuring messages from whoever is assumed to be in charge, be that the king, the  president, the  prime minister, premier, mayor.

What does he say is wrong with thinking like this?

First, he says it (the system of governing) was designed to keep effective power away from the people being governed, giving them only limited access occasionally to examine, understand and react usefully to legislation and regulations that affect them mightily–keeping them uninformed, dumbed-down and compliant even when the PUBLIC INTEREST was being abandoned. Then, he says that the system gets corrupted. This happens whenever the decisions, actions and consequences are not shared with the people in a timely fashion, whenever the lines of communication become corrupted and investigative reporters are replaced by stenographers.

The accepted response is a fruitless determination to vote differently on forthcoming occasions.

Jerry does understand some 1st Nations history. He tells about how it was that the Iroquois Confederacy of 6 Nations persisted for ten centuries. Apparently only the clan mothers got to vote. The chosen chief had to give up his personal interests and those of his family, —for the sake of the public interest  (the clan and the tribe).

When this did not occur, the chief would be impeached.

Such “bottom-up” governing does appear more democratic than the imported design where vested interests can and do ‘carry the day’ by appointing / electing some one who is committed to serving their interest. Campaign promises are usually empty lies.

So, what exactly is Jerry saying about those “vested interests “ and how and why they maintain the prevailing ‘top-down’ North American governing system, and see to it that their interests are protected, while the interests of everybody else are not. ?

He’s saying that from the very first European boat landing on the shore of this continent, there was NO OTHER intention. The fish, the furs, the wood, the minerals were to be taken, leaving behind a few token gifts, disease and destroyed livelihoods. Tribute for the sponsoring pope or king was required for authorizing the conquest. This “Doctrine of Discovery” –from the papal bulls issued in the 15th century –became ensconced in  international law that is still quoted in North American judiciaries.

D. K.

Here is Jerry’s own dystopian outline of “dirus” –the fearful, threatening evil.

He asks you to examine these details carefully, leaving aside your in-the-box thinking:

  1. President  Barack  Obama  signed (March 16, 2012) executive order # 13603, giving him the exclusive authority  to  take over
    (a)   All forms of energy
    (b)   All forms of civil transportation
    (c)   All usable water from all sources
    (d)   All commodities and products that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals
    (e)   Health resources – drugs, biological products, medical devices, materials, facilities, health supplies, services and equipment
    (f)    Induction of citizens into the military against their will
  1. The Department of Homeland Security is taking delivery of 2717 MRAPs – Mine Resistant Protected vehicles that withstand IEDs, mine blasts, and 50 caliber hits to bulletproof glass.

A purchase order has been issued for 1,600,000,000 rounds of bullets (some illegal hollow-point)

  1. The 3rd Brigade of Marines was re-deployed to the US from guarding the Bagdad airport some years ago, after a military alliance with Canada was formed providing for the sharing of military forces to control civil unrest.
  1. Construction of a gigantic data storage facility in Bluffdale, Utah sufficient for 100 years of the world’s communications.
  1. Activation of prison camps by FEMA for the already most imprisoned people. In Canada the crime rate is declining, but plans for mandatory sentencing, more prisons are underway.
  1. The drafting in secret of locked-down multinational agreements (erroneously called “trade agreements”) that remove all judicial and legislative interference. Canada – Europe (CETA), USA – Europe (TTIP), Canada, USA –Asia (TTP) following through with the World Trade Organization’s ruthless attacks on national sovereignty.

*Every one of these so=called “trade” agreements provides for the plunder of a country’s natural resources and control of its major businesses without regard for environmental or human welfare concerns.

The US-Canadian experience with NAFTA

(a)    Stopped the AutoPact “sell a vehicle here, build a vehicle here”

(b)   Required 70 % of Canada’s oil production and 60 % of gas produced to flow South, ensured token royalties for tarsands despite immense permanent environmental damage

(c)    Gave corporations judicial standing in tribunals to sue the victim country for “lost profits” when hindering their  plunder

The intended agreements with the European Union , the Asian countries and North America are drafted on behalf of transnational corporations like Halliburton. Bechtel, Monsanto and global banks like HSBC, Barclay’s, UBS, Goldman, JPMorgan, Bank of America, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Nova Scotia.

Within the agreement is a “bail-in” provision for a failing bank e.g., when it loses a derivative bet on a change in future interest rates, to pay out to the counterparty the municipal funds, private pensions and customer deposits. (as happened this year in Cyprus and in Poland). Such provisions are operative for private banks everywhere –Europe, US, Canada.

The largest US banks also the “too-big-to-fail” Canadian banks, comingle their assets and “bet the farm” on credit-default-swaps –often on interest rate changes that can be and are manipulated by the financial market traders.

Deposit insurance? The FDIC has $25 Billion. The two largest US banks have roughly one Trillion $ deposits each. Their derivative bets exceed $70 Trillion each. The counterparty has priority.  (“Do the math”)

So much for my analysis.

I expect you to be skeptical, even if you’re willing to move your mind outside the box.

So, I invite you to unplug your TV, take to the internet to listen to these trustworthy analysts :

Paul Craig Roberts, Rob Kall, Michael Hudson, Chris Hedges, Michel Choussodovsky, Ellen Brown, Bill Black  (reverse alphabetical order)

You’ll find their understanding of the situation at:

Op-Ed, Truthdig, WebofDebt,,, and


Let’s gather on Parliament Hill June 1st


Noon Saturday June 1 on Parliament Hill 

From Austerity to Prosperity

Through Proper Use of our Publicly Owned



Hey all you Occupiers, Gardeners, Economic Reformers, Rebel Rousers, and Intellectuals,

The Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform invites you to join us in the Bank of Canada Rally for Monetary Reform and Economic Justice Now!

Join us around Noon Saturday June 1 for a Rally on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, followed by a 2pm March to the Bank of Canada.

We will start the on the Steps of Parliament around 12:15 with speakers including The Right Honourable Paul Hellyer, Canada’s longest serving parliamentarian and past Deputy Prime Minister, Ann Emmett, and others. We will then proceed to march on to The Bank of Canada Office for 2 pm with Paul’s Manifesto in Hand.



More information and travel arrangements from Toronto to Ottawa are available (COMER Facebook site:

Latest Report from COMER journal

(Paul Hellyer’s Manifesto)


IT’S TIME TO ACT and TAKE BACK CONTROL OF OUR LIVES…….This is what most thinking Canadians want to do …….

Take Back control of our lives. We search for ways to rescue ourselves from political forces that serve only the interests of the banks and corporate businesses.

The older of us with good memories recall the 1940s , 1950s ,1960s as the time when a jobless economy was followed by full employment, followed by benefits for returning veterans, universal health care, family allowances and major public works (a seaway and the Trans-Canada hwy). Inflation was of little concern, and the nation’s debts were easily managed.

Those of us who have studied the reasons for the prosperity during those thirty years understand the wisdom of borrowing from our own bank –the Bank of Canada–so that the money created gets spent into the economy and any interest charged is returned to the federal treasury. Otherwise, the government runs deficits, borrows from the chartered banks and pays the going rate of interest. Each year’s deficit gets added to the nation’s debt and the compound interest becomes an ever larger portion of the annual budget.

Since the mid 1970s, our federal governments have failed to operate in our interest. They have allowed banks to de-regulate — removing most restrictions on required reserves, interest charges and term limits. Joining the G7 included abiding by the stricture of the Bank for International Settlements forbidding the borrowing from our own central bank. The consequences? Runaway inflation in the late ” 70s, interest @20 %, globalizing our economy and handing over control of our nation’s resources and businesses to global powerhouses that corrupt national governments and ensure that only THEIR interests are served. Canada’s debt stands now at nearly $600 Billion. We pay $160 Million every day in unnecessary interest. (since 1974 –ONE $Trillion!)
So, what’s to be done? Who-How-Where and When can we force the changes that will benefit every Canadian? Please don’t suggest that we work to change this political party two years hence. Before then, omnibus legislation will have destroyed opportunities for real change. Disastrous unfair global trade agreements will remove any recourse. Our environment will be sacrificed and dissent will be further criminalized. The captive media will offer “Orwellian” propaganda.

Instead, let’s ACT.
Let’s gather on Parliament Hill June 1st with our posters, placards and pitchforks. That’s the first day for the new governor of the Bank of Canada. We can tell him what we expect of him. Paul Hellyer has notified our Minister of Finance of our demands. Ann Emmett –representing us all in the lawsuit against the government for not using our bank will be there.